Master Model Builder Rob here, just in time for Brick-or-Treat Party Nights! I’ve gathered some especially spooky LEGO® bricks on my desk. Today, I am going to show you how to build a special Minilander in a pumpkin costume. 

If you remember last month, we built a regular Minilander that looked a little like me. This time, we’re going to learn some special tricks to build costumes, different clothes, and different hairstyles. Ready? OK!

The first step for me is to lay out all the pieces. This keeps me organized, and it gives me a feeling for how much I’ve completed. A standard Minilander uses about 35 pieces, but this one today will use more than 50 pieces!

I’ll start building by laying the shoes down on the baseplate, and then I’ll add some colored socks.

After finishing the socks, I put the first leg pieces on top. You can use any color for skin that you like.

To start with the pumpkin body, two inverted 2x3 slope pieces are used. After that, I’ll stack on two 2x2 inverted slope pieces.

At this point, I will use a few plates in black and orange to make the mouth on the pumpkin costume. I like to make offset teeth, just like the ones on the real pumpkins that I carve.

Once I fill in the center space with plates to make the mouth, the overall pumpkin body will be more stable. Many Minilanders are fragile, and they can break apart if not handled carefully. Here in the Model Shop, you can see all the Master Model Builders using hammers and clamps to make sure the LEGO bricks are squeezed together as tight as possible. 

Now I’ll add a 2x6 plate on top for strength, and two 2x2 bricks to make the sides taller.

The jack-o-lantern eyes come to life when I add a combination of black and orange bricks in the center of the body!

The 1x2 clip hinge plate will be the “shoulder,” although this pumpkin person is more than twice as wide as normal Minilander!

Now we’ll add some 2x2 and 2x3 slope bricks to the top of the pumpkin to complete the body. See how the top is a mirror image of the bottom?


Now I will add the neck as well as the tops of the arms.

I finish up the arms here by adding hands and a few 1x1 skin-colored plates. 

Since I’m making my pumpkin Minilander have long hair, I’m going to show you a new way to make the head. Start by adding a 1x2 brick to a 2x2 plate, just like last time. Then spin it around and add a 1x2 Technic brick in whatever color you want your hair to be.


Once the Technic brick is in place, put a Technic half pin in the hole, long end first. This gives us a stud on the back of the head to attach… 

…our hair scrunchie! I like to use bright colors here, but you can use any color you would like. Once you’ve attached your scrunchie, stack up a few 1x2 plates to make your long hair. There’s no limit to how long Minilander hair can be, but I’ll stick with three hair pieces for now.

Like our regular Minilander, this one needs a chin. We’ll use the “jumper” piece, or the 1x2 plate with one stud. (Isn’t “jumper” a catchier name? It jumps between two studs, after all!)

To finish off the pumpkin head, I will take four 2x2 “L” corner plates and add them around the top of the head, like a hat.

Next I top the hat with a 2x2 orange plate, and a 1x1 green cone, to make the pumpkin stem! I also add the long hair pieces at this time, right before I attach the head to the body. 

Well, what do you think?

Wait… I think we’re forgetting something… No Brick-Or-Treater is complete without his or her own candy and goodie bag!

Ta-Daaaa! Here is the complete Minilander in a pumpkin costume! Show us your Minilander by posting a pic of it on Instagram and use #AskAModelBuilder. From the Model Shop here at LEGOLAND California – see you next time!

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Awesome news! Emmet and the gang from “The LEGO® Movie™” will return in an all-new adventure opening Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016, at LEGOLAND® California Resort. “The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure” reunites the popular characters of the smash-hit film from Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures and LEGO System A/S in an original story featuring the same zany fun and excitement of the movie.

In “The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure,”  Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, MetalBeard and Benny are invited to visit a strange new theme park where all the rides are inspired by the madcap events of “The LEGO Movie.” But all is not as it seems when the heroes are once again thrust into the middle of an evil secret plot and must rely on the Master Builder skills of a surprise ally to save the day.

“The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure” will screen multiple times per day at LEGOLAND California Resort in the LEGO Show Place Theater. “4D” elements such as wind, water, fog, lighting and other special effects will bring the larger-than-life experience off the screen and into the audience.

The attraction was developed by Merlin Entertainments in conjunction with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and The LEGO Group to further explore the sprawling, imaginative LEGO® universe introduced in the movie. The creative team received input from “The LEGO Movie” writer-directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, as well as Rob Schrab, who is set to direct the movie’s sequel, which will open in theaters May 18, 2018.

We’ll post more details soon, including some exclusive, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks showing how this exciting new adventure was, um, pieced together. Meanwhile, join the fun online by following hashtag #LEGOMovie4D online.

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A new LEGO® NINJAGO™ land is coming in 2016 introducing, LEGO® NINJAGO™- The Ride, and after our Annual Press Conference, we have the details! 

LEGO® NINJAGO is one of the most popular LEGO properties to date with 22 new building sets and a popular television series: LEGO® NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu, airing on Cartoon Network. Get ready to unmask five cool facts about this new land:

1. LEGO® NINJAGO – The Ride features revolutionary new technology
It has never been experienced at any other theme park in the world!  You can control the outcome of your adventure using only your hands to blast fireballs, lightning, shockwaves and ice as you travel through dojos to master your skills before heading into battle.

2. The dark ride includes 4D effects
Get ready for heat, smoke and wind in the adventure, giving you the ultimate interactive experience!

3. All riders will train with each of the four main characters on LEGO® NINJAGO – The Ride.
LEGO NINJAGO tells the story of four young ninja heroes – Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane – who train under the watchful eye of Master Wu to master an ancient marital art – Spinjitzu.

4. There’s more than just a ride
The new LEGO® NINJAGO Ninjaland features LEGO Building stations, a game to test reflexes, spinners to test balance, Asian cuisine and a new shopping venue. Interactive experiences will test guests’ physical skills, balance and agility before they can prep for their ultimate training session: LEGO® NINJAGO – The Ride.

5. It’s not just coming to LEGOLAND® California Resort
The ninja excitement will be felt around the globe as LEGO® NINJAGO – The Ride is being unveiled at both LEGOLAND California Resort and LEGOLAND Billund Resort in 2016.


To be the first to know any new developments on this project, sign up here.


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Everyone knows the star of our food universe here at LEGOLAND California Resort is our legendary Granny Apple Fries. But what most people don’t know is that we have a plethora of equally delicious and just as worthy of center stage food stars throughout the Resort. It’s my job to give them the glory they deserve! Here in no particular order are the food stars you don’t want to miss on your next visit:

1. Chocolate & Churros
Where: The Churro Cart located next to Garden Restaurant
Why: If you’ve ever been to Spain and enjoyed a churro there, you know their version is curlier and somewhat thicker than the usual churros you find at theme park carts. This is the closest I’ve found to the Spanish churro here in the U.S., and LEGOLAND California serves it accompanied with an ooey-gooey thick chocolate dipping sauce that is delicious!

2. Crepes!
Where: City Park Creperie at LEGO Friends Heartlake City
Why: The City Park Creperie is the newest addition to our dining lineup, introduced as part of the super cool LEGO Friends Heartlake City area. A variety of flavors are offered, including powdered sugar, berry, and (my personal favorite) bananas and Nutella! Go ahead, try a crepe (or two) while taking in the Heartlake City fountain and LEGO Friends show.

3. Gourmet Mac & Cheese
Where: Ocean Journey Café at SEA LIFE Aquarium
Why: This awesomeness takes the beloved dish to the next level – kids and adults will love it! The fully loaded, thick and creamy gourmet mac and cheese is topped with basil, tomatoes, grilled chicken, and crunchy breadcrumbs. Not a fan of any one of those toppings? No problem, you can customize your order however you want - they even offer gluten free noodles so that nobody misses out on the yumminess!

4. Mini Pies
Where: Knight’s Smokehouse Grill
Why: Because pies. And they are really cute to look at. But even more so they are seriously amazing. Blueberry, apple, and pecan are among the choices you will find. As delicious as the barbecue at Knight’s Smokehouse Grill is please do yourself a favor and save room for dessert – after all, it’s just a mini version of a pie so you feel a little less guilty about it in the end.

5. Loaded Tater Tots
Where: Wolves’ Den Grill at LEGOLAND Water Park
Why: The Wolves’ Den Grill has put their own spin on classic chili cheese fries and making them EVEN BETTER. Swap the fries out for crispy tater tots and you have yourself an epic food experience that the whole family will go crazy for. Just one bite of the tasty, savory chili atop a bed of crunchy taters and melty cheese and you’ll be hooked.

Do you have a LEGOLAND California food favorite that I missed? Show us on Instagram – use #LEGOLANDCA and #LEGOLANDeats

Your Resident Foodie,
Chef Cheryl

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“I LOVE waiting in line,” said no one ever.

So hallelujah for the new Reserve ‘N’ Ride service at LEGOLAND® California that allows you to reserve your seats on 12 of the Park’s top rides. Similar to the Fast/Flash Pass at other Parks, this one cuts down, if not completely eliminates, waiting in line, but with different (better) perks! 

Unlike the Fast Pass at the Park up the street, which can assign you a time to return much later in the day, Reserve ‘N’ Ride is waiting in line FOR you, so you can come back sooner. Plus, depending on the level of device you choose, it’s actually cutting down that wait time – Express by 25%, Deluxe by 50%, and Ultimate by 90%. The three levels of service vary in price range.

Not only can you reserve your spot in line, but you can do it for the same ride as many times as you and/or your kids want. So you can grab some Granny’s Apple Fries while you wait for your turn at The Dragon!

The other big distinguishing feature is that you can reserve your rides from anywhere in the Park, rather than a specified kiosk. You can reserve your spot on Coastersaurus as you’re walking to Dino Island from Castle Hill. Planning your next adventure is really easy!

Things about Reserve ‘N’ Ride you’ll want to know:

     • Each device can hold up to 6 people (cost per person is dependent on the level)     

     • You can buy your device online

     • When you hear a buzz, you can head to your ride anytime after that

     • Pass Members get 10% off 

Let’s do a collective fist pump for this new game-changing addition to LEGOLAND California, but let’s try not to gloat when we bypass all the people waiting in line playing Heads Up on their phones. 

Warm regards,

Model Mom Mary

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Hi everyone! I’m Master Model Builder Rob, and today I’d like to share a few model building secrets. One of the most common models we build at LEGOLAND is what we call a “Minilander.” 

Minilanders populate Miniland, and they do everything from drive cars to ride bikes to live in houses, and more.  No two Minilanders are alike and making them unique is part of the fun of building them! Today we’ll be building one that looks like me, but once you understand the basics, you can build a Minilander that looks like anyone. Let’s get started!

I always begin building by sorting all my bricks, and making sure I have enough pieces to let my imagination run wild. For a basic Minilander, we will need around 36 pieces, though sometimes we add more for extra detail.



By starting to build on a base plate, we can make sure our pieces will always line up. Here, we start with our 1x2 plates, which will be the shoes of our Minilander.




Today we’re building a Minilander with pants, so we’ll add 1x1 bricks in the color our pants will be. If you want to build shorts, try using 1x1 round bricks for legs. Dresses are fun to build too, and you can use different bricks and slopes to build a fun flowing dress.




For our blue pants, we use 1x2x3 inverted slope pieces, which make the legs easy to build and strong. 



Topping off the pants is a 2x3 plate. To fill in the waist section, we use a 1x2 plate underneath before sticking the 2x3 plate on top of the legs.


We’re going to make a brown belt with a gold buckle, so let’s make a belt-shaped layer of plates now. If you don’t want a belt, use another 2x3 plate in the same color as the pants to finish the lower body.


You can use two 2x3 bricks for a plain shirt, or any combination of plates to make a design. Some Master Model Builders can even make a flowered shirt using LEGO Technic pieces and flower petal bricks! Since I love to wear striped shirts, let’s use a stack of red and white plates to make our Minilander shirt. 


We like to use click-style hinges to make the arms, and Minilander arms are important to making expressions and postures. To make the shoulders, we use a 1x2 plate with a vertical stub.


Our shirt is completed by filling in between the shoulder plates with a regular 1x2 plate. The arms are started with 1x2 plates with a vertical fork on the end. 





Next is one of the trickiest parts! For short sleeve shirts, take two 1x2 hinge plates and pinch and twist them to break them apart. Now push them back together after mixing up the ends. Make sure one is the color of your shirt and the other is the color of your skin.



Now we can build up the arms by attaching the 1x2 hinge plates. Long sleeve shirts can use single color hinges, and sleeveless shirts can use all skin colored hinges.




We’ll finish the arms by adding 1x1 clips for hands and 1x1 plates behind them. The plates are to make the arm muscles look bigger… I wish I could just make my real arm muscles big by simply adding pieces!




We start building the neck by adding a skin color “jumper” piece on the middle of the body. It’s called a jumper because it “jumps” a stud in between two other studs. It’s a very useful piece for adding small details to any LEGO model.


To begin the head, we’ll need another jumper and a 2x2 plate, in whatever skin color we’ve decided on. The jumper should be inserted into the bottom of the 2x2 plate, and it will be the Minilander’s chin when we’re finished.



We’re almost done! Let’s add the face and back of hair by using 1x2 bricks on top of the 2x2 plate. I have brown hair so that’s what I use, but I’ve made Minilanders with every hair color imaginable. 



Let’s top off the hair with a 2x2 plate if you want the hair to look medium length. Short hair Minilanders use a 2x2 smooth tile instead of a regular 2x2 plate on top. In my next post, I’ll talk about how to build long hair, and THAT is a lot of fun!




Don’t forget the neck piece! For men, I use a 1x1 plate, because it gives a thick full look. For women and kids, I use a 1x1 round plate to give a more slender look.


When putting the head on, make sure it sits slightly forward of the center of the body, otherwise your body will look goofy! At this point, you can move your arms and head around to make whatever pose you want.

…And we’re done! 

Brick regards,
Model Builder Rob

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LEGO Friends Heartlake City is based on the popular toy line LEGO Friends, which focuses on the lives and personalities of five girls: Mia, Olivia, Andrea, Stephanie and Emma.

Heartlake City invites guests to dance and sing along at Friends Forever Stage, stroll through LEGO horse stables, enjoy a building activity at one of the LEGO brick tables, and go for a horseback ride on the carousel at Mia’s Riding Camp. Guests can also satisfy their sweet tooth at City Park Crêperie with freshly made crêpes before splashing about in the Heartlake Fountain!

Here’s what to expect on your next visit:

Mia’s Riding Camp
The huge carousel features 62 horses and jeeps to bring Heartlake City to life. Take a turn and enjoy the sights and sounds of Heartlake City.

Heartlake Fountain
This large heart-shaped fountain is the centerpiece of Heartlake City and guests of all ages can splash and play!

City Park Crêperie
City Park Crêperie provides guests the perfect solution to satisfy their sweet tooth. Aside from beverages, there are four crêpes available: powdered sugar, Nutella, Nutella and bananas, and berries.

Friends Forever Stage
It’s a party all day long at the Friends Forever Stage where live Friends perform “LEGO® Friends to The Rescue.” Come by to sing along and meet the Friends!

Heartlake City Boutique

Based on the Heartlake Mall LEGO building set, Heartlake City Boutique is the best location for Park guests to shop for LEGO Friends toys and products. Guests can also view the LEGO Friends hot air balloon featured inside the center of the store.

For more fun and games, visit our LEGO Friends Heartlake City site.

Brick regards,
Model Mom Mary

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Come check out LEGO® Legends of CHIMA Water Park presented by Cartoon Network™! Based on the popular LEGO TV hit series in which animal tribes battle for control of the valuable and precious energy source called Chi, the Water Park was built to resemble the mystical land with one animal from each of the eight tribes represented.

The LEGO Legends of CHIMA Water Park adjoins the original LEGOLAND Water Park and nearly doubles the total size of the water play area. Now guests of the Park have two choices for aquatic fun and entertainment.

The main attraction is the Lion Temple Wave Pool, accessed through an 18-foot high Lion Temple Arch build from over 260,000 LEGO bricks. This interactive wave pool is perfect for the pre-school crowd. At the middle of it is the 40-foot high Mount Cavora, a floating mountain known for providing Chi to the eight animal tribes. Mount Cavora features a waterfall that flows with 400 gallons of water per minute directly into the pool, which ranges from 0 to 5 feet in depth and covers over 13,000 square feet.

The younger kids will also enjoy Cragger’s Swamp, an interactive water play area with small water slides, water cannons, and a giant crocodile slide. The water never exceeds one foot in depth making it perfect for toddlers. Cragger’s Swamp is over 6,500 square feet of water play, and features three water slides, Cragger’s Splash, Crug’s Run and Crooler’s Twist. In addition, the Throne is made from over 38,000 LEGO bricks.

Another fantastic feature of the LEGO Legends of CHIMA Water Park is Eglor’s Build-A-Boat, an innovative interactive attraction where everyone in the family will have fun building their own boats and racing against one another. In addition to the boats, you can build LEGO scenes to mimic the LEGO Group’s popular “Legends of CHIMA” TV series. The Build-A-Boat river is 35 feet long and a cool look-out dome which allows kids to sit in the middle of the action as they watch their boats float past replicas of popular CHIMA locations.

You can wind your way through the LEGO Legends of CHIMA Water Park to other sections such as Explorer’s Forest, a verdant, tropical forest where Gorzan the Gorilla greets guests in his 15 foot-tall mech suit complete with a bag of bananas to fire at the enemy. You will also find Rhino Beach, a white sand oasis with peaceful shady spots for relaxing and lounging.

Or, you can visit the Speedorz Arena to race zippy Speedorz around unique obstacles. Speedorz are LEGO chariots which the animal tribes use to travel, navigate and of course, race. The arena features eight tracks to represent the eight animal tribes and the Golden Chi LEGO model is made from 18,000 LEGO bricks.

When it is time for refreshments and refueling, the LEGO Legends of CHIMA Water Park has delicious dining choices at Wolves’ Den, which is a beach-themed quick service restaurant that specializes in burgers, sausages, hot dogs and loaded tater tots. You will also have a choice of fresh salads, fruits and delicious desserts.

Moreover, you can rent one of 28 cabanas located throughout the LEGO Legends of CHIMA Water Park for your entire family. Each cabana can fit up to eight guests. It’s full of family entertainment and fun!

This charming aquatic oasis provides hours of delightful water play while enjoying the sunny weather in San Diego. Although this area was designed with the under 12 age group in mind, everyone will find something thrilling to enjoy.

If your kids are obsessed with LEGO CHIMA, as so many are, you will definitely want to take a splash-filled trip to the new
LEGO® Legends of CHIMA Water Park presented by Cartoon Network™. Explore the mystical land of CHIMA and battle for Chi, just as the eight animal tribes do.

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LEGOLAND® California Resort has made multiple upgrades to become an eco-friendly business and continues to be committed to providing the best family theme park in the United States while optimizing recycling, water conservation, and other earth-conscious management techniques.

In 2007, we launched the innovative “Green Wave Committee,” which is an oversight group of Model Citizens (employees) from all departments in the Park, including landscaping, marketing, operations and events. These Green Wave Committee members provide ideas, direction and promotion in the continuing efforts to create a clean, eco-friendly environment for kids, families, and Model Citizens to enjoy. 

Here are just 6 of the many ways LEGOLAND California Resort has dedicated itself to conservation:

1. Recycling
Throughout the entire Park, guests can find receptacles for collecting recyclables: such as cardboard, paper, bottles, aluminum, glass and steel. There are even special recycling bins for used Park Maps! In fact, LEGOLAND California Resort has a minimum of one recycling bin for every trash bin to make collection easy and accessible throughout the Resort. Even recycled items mistakenly put in the waste bin are sorted behind the scenes to ensure that every recyclable item is found.

2. Greenware
LEGOLAND California Resort utilizes sustainable packaging throughout the Park’s food service stations. Many of the dining areas have transitioned to Greenware cups and lids, which are made entirely from corn and are easily compostable. In addition, signage is posted wherever the cups are available, so guests can choose the earth-conscious drinkware.

3. Model Cleaning
An innovative cleaning process utilizes environmentally-friendly powdered walnut shells rather than chemicals to clean more than 27,000 LEGO® Models throughout LEGOLAND California Resort.

4. Composting
Every leaf raked or stem trimmed from the landscaping is recycled into mulch and composting to be used throughout the entire 128 acre family theme Park. It conserves water by providing a protection layer around the plants to prevent evaporation. In addition, the mulch absorbs water, either from the irrigation or from rainfall, and enables it to percolate into the soil below rather than running off.

Behind SEA LIFE® Aquarium, food scraps are composted and used to grow herbs that are fed to the reptiles.

5. Recycled Milk Jugs
We all made crafts in kindergarten with empty milk jugs, and the LEGOLAND California team has taken the idea and made it into a grownup conservation effort!  Recycled milk jugs are used to make trash cans, recycling bins and benches used throughout the Park. In fact, there are 150 benches, each made from 800 plastic milk jugs, and 400 trash and recycling bins, each made from 330 milk jugs.

6. Regenerative Media Filters
California is famous for its sunny weather; however, the lack of rain can create critical conditions that call for intensive water conservation.  LEGOLAND Water Park uses regenerative media filters rather than conventional filters in its pools. They require no backwashing and use significantly less water. In fact, the expansion of the Water Park increased the overall water usage by a mere 5 percent.

Also, the LEGO Legends of CHIMA Water Park presented by Cartoon Network was built with

three bio-retention basins that work as natural filters for water runoff in order to protect the local oceans. The basins release the rain water slowly to allow its full dispersal into the ocean. Additionally, the expansion of the Water Park increased the overall water usage by a mere 5 percent.

Come check out all of these green initiatives for yourself! Click here for details.

Best regards,
Model Mom Mary

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The Force is strong in LEGOLAND® California Resort’s LEGO® STAR WARS™ Miniland and for the ultimate STAR WARS fan, this is a must-see.  Begin your journey far, far away by strolling through the LEGO STAR WARS™ Gallery where the most iconic characters from the STAR WARS™ film series have been recreated with LEGO bricks. It’s truly the perfect selfie opportunity!

These LEGO STAR WARS™ models stand 3- feet- tall and were constructed from more than 10,000 LEGO bricks, which took Master Model Builders over 100 hours. 

Continue your quest through the seven different LEGO STAR WARS™ scenes, made of more than 1.5 million LEGO bricks, featuring one scene from each of the six movies and one from the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars™.  All models are built on a 1:20 scale, except for the arena on Episode II: Geonosis, which is built on a 1:180 scale.  A 1:20 scale replication of the arena would stand more than 29 feet high!

Naboo (Episode I: The Phantom Menace) – The planet of Naboo is under attack and Gungan troops must battle droids sent by the Trade Federation to gain control of the 15,000 LEGO® brick Royal Palace of Queen Amidala.  See young Anakin Skywalker flying to save the day in a starfighter as Darth Maul encounters Jedi masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn below.  Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Jar Jar Binks try to escape an Opee sea monster in the waters of Naboo.

Geonosis (Episode II: Attack of the Clones) – Queen Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are trapped in the execution arena of Geonosis and are facing three ferocious creatures.  With the addition of interactive innovation, you can see one of these creatures, the ravenous Nexu, lunge toward the terrified Queen Amidala.

Kashyyyk and Mustafar (Episode III: Revenge of the Sith) – Kashyyyk is the home planet of the Wookiee species, including Han Solo’s loyal friend and co-pilot Chewbacca.  The scene depicts the Battle of Kashyyyk with All Terrain Attack Pods and All Terrain Recon Transport weapons.  On the other side of the exhibit, the planet of Mustafar is featured with Anakin Skywalker’s starfighter resting on a landing platform just above the lava surface of the planet.

Tatooine (Episode IV: A New Hope) – Experience the desert planet on which Luke Skywalker was raised.  See the impressive 19,000-piece replica of the Millennium Falcon at the spaceport city of Mos Eisley, where Luke Skywalker and Han Solo first meet.  The scene depicts the moments before the group escaped the planet with droids R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Hoth (Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back) – The frozen planet of Hoth is the Rebels’ secret base.  See Luke Skywalker and his friends fight off massive droids as they realize that the Empire has discovered the location of Echo Base.  Look for Luke’s X-wing fighter among the Rebel snowspeeders.

Endor (Episode VI: Return of the Jedi) – The small but courageous Ewoks can be seen on their home world, the forested planet of Endor.  The Imperial shuttle has just arrived with Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.  The shuttle sits next to the giant shield generator that the Rebel Alliance and the Ewoks joined forces to destroy so that the second Death Star will not be completed.

Christophsis (animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars) – Witness the adventures of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi while they battle a separatist for the Republic in the crystalline planet of Christophsis.  This display is truly impressive and is the largest STAR WARS™ Miniland LEGO model display, with the large crystal building made of more than 70,000 LEGO bricks.   Guests can even watch clone troops jump from atop Crystal City buildings to enter the battle below!

If you like what you read here, you’re going to LOVE our LEGO STAR WARS™ Miniland Death Star Model Display, open March 5, 2015. Get all the details here

Brick regards,
Model Mom Mary










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