I’ve heard of the Binky Fairy (in fact her second visit to my home is slated for June when my younger daughter turns three) and I’ve heard of cutting the tips of pacifiers until they just don’t work anymore, but SEA LIFE Carlsbad Aquarium has just come up with a brand new scheme to help parents wean their kids from their beloved binkies. This coming Friday, April 15th, the Carlsbad Aquarium is helping kids say bye-bye to binky in exchange for saying hello to Inky, the Aquarium’s newest octopuses. All you have to do, is come on down to the Aquarium with your kid’s pacifier in hand and trade it in for tickets to SEA LIFE, which just happens to be celebrating the opening of Octopus Garden, an interactive exhibit introducing families to the world of cephalopods.

Getting rid of that binky is all about distracting your kid so there is no time for thoughts of longing, so what a perfect carrot to dangle with offering free admission to the Aquarium. I think it’s genius. I might even consider moving up the date of my binky trade in. I wonder if the ticket agent at SEA LIFE will consider wearing a fairy costume for me?

Keep in mind that the tickets are good for admission on Friday the 15th only, and if you’re not ready to completely wean your kiddo, you can always keep a stash for emergency purposes and only turn in a few at the door. The pacies that you do decide to hand over will be recycled, in keeping with the Aquarium’s pledge to be eco-friendly.

Pacifiers will be collected at the main entrance to the Aquarium and for every pacifier turned in by a child, that child will receive up to four complimentary SEA LIFE tickets to use that day to enjoy with their family.

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