Recently my three-year-old daughter has developed a fascination with all things princess. So last week, when we were having lunch at the Knight’s Table Barbeque in Castle Hill, which has amazing BBQ chicken & ribs by the way, Lily spotted the “Princess For A Day” booth and began to squeal with the excitement of a tween at a Justin Beiber concert.

I could not resist the “pretty please” looks from both my girls, so I wrangled my entire play group, and we sat down for some face painting, hair braiding and caricature drawings.

First we sat for a caricature of my two girls. Our artist Jonathan, who has been a cartoon artist since the age of five, asked them what kind of theme they wanted and was not surprised when they answered princesses and butterflies; I’m pretty sure he hears that a lot. He made the girls giggle in the chairs and had the drawing finished in less than ten minutes.

Then we were off to the face painting booth, which is a dream come true for any little girl. Even my one and half year old loved it. And the little princes in the group went crazy for the dragons and snakes. The face painting range from $10.00-$17.00 but best value is the princess package which includes a princess dress, a hair wrap and face painting for $75.00.

There are several hair wrap, face painting and caricature stations located all throughout the Park. What a great way to add some magic to the theme park experience and have something special to take away at the end of the day.

Enjoy your day at LEGOLAND California Resort!

Brick Regards,
Model Mom Mary

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