Any and every time I talk to someone who is going to LEGOLAND® California for the first time there are a few things I insist that they do during their visit.

1) GRANNY APPLE FRIES—This little hidden treasure boasts the most delicious dessert I’ve ever had a Theme park, EVER. They are literally fried apple slices coated with a yummy sugar/cinnamon mixture. And if that isn’t enough goodness…the fried apples come with vanilla flavored whipped cream dip.  DE-LISH!  Technically, it’s one of your fruit servings for the day so don’t miss out on this guilt-free sensational snack. Be forewarned, you might become addicted.
2) RIDE A COASTER— LEGO® TECHNIC Coaster for big kids, Dragon Coaster for middle size kids and Coastersaurus for little kids. All three of these roller coasters are a blast and your kiddos will want to ride them multiple times in a row.
3) THE BIG TEST—Okay, okay, maybe I’m biased on this one since I used to manage this loveable cast of zany, clutsy characters as the Park’s Entertainment Supervisor, but this fast-paced fun show is full of laughs, a perfect place to rest your barking dogs and a much needed cool down on those hot sunny SoCal days.

Once STAR WARS™ Miniland opens March 31 that might just be added to my list! Enjoy your trip to the Park!

Brick regards,
Model Mom Mary

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3/3/2011 4:22:30 AM #


OMG, the apple fries! April won't get here soon enough for me to try those. Forget the roller coasters...I'll be at the apple fry stand. Plus, I'm terribly afraid of roller coasters.

ilinap United States |

3/3/2011 9:49:58 AM #


Thanks for the suggestions! My family and I will be visiting Legoland for the first time in April. I appreciate the insider's perspective on the park. Keep the suggestions coming! Thanks!

Kim United States |

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